Ringing Vale - A mountain valley approximately 100 miles away from the city of Mahsht which is the location of a math founded in 17 A.R. The math is known for its specialization in the martial arts and related topics known as Vale lore or vlor. Avout from this math are known as Valers.

Known ValersEdit

The following Valers were evoked for the Convox at St. Tredegarh and later become part of Cell 317 and are the main Arbren military force in the Battle of the Daban Urnud. They are responsible for saving Fraa Erasmas from an attack by a contigent of Gheeth in Mahsht.

Fraa Osa: FAE of the Valers.

Suur Vay: performed combat first aid on Raz at Mahsht emergence

Suur Esma: charged sniper at Mahsht emergence.

Fraa Gratho: disarmed Gheeth leader at Mahsht emergence.

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