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Fraa Erasmas, holding a sphere.

A sphere is a flexible round tool made of newmatter. The chord, bolt and sphere are the only personal possessions of an Avout.

Numerous properties of a sphere can be modified, including the size (from "pill"-size to several feet in diameter) and flexibility (rigid to soft). A Sphere can also be used as a light source intramuros. When travelling in the saecular world, for example as a Peregrin, the sphere should be made pocket-sized and not be used for light.

The size of a sphere is manipulated by the avout via hand motions. An open-palmed unscrewing motion on the surface of the sphere, for instance, will cause the sphere to grow. A sphere can be used as a seat, a pillow, a light source, a bowl, a shield (though not an ideal one) and to help secure a chord on a complex, formal wrapping of a bolt.

Real-world parallelsEdit

An early prototype of Sphere capabilities is the latest DARPA project on soft robotics: [1]

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