An anonymous poster noted the connection to Indian monasteries in the real world, and the comments were removed. I think we need to look at this again. In the real world, there are hindu monasteries called referred to in the singular as a Math. A quick google found:, for instance. Also, Maths in the book had a caste system with Ita, which might be a reference to Indian as well.

What does everyone think about adding a section about Maths being real monasteries with some comparison notes?

Tomben 03:39, 1 October 2008 (UTC)

I agree that there should be some mention of the connection to Indian Maths. But your question touches on a notion that I've been puzzling over. Shouldn't the wiki include distinct boundaries between fact and fiction? The distinction is clearest in the article on Arbre-Earth connections. It becomes less distinct when someone posts their upsights about these connections in articles about things that are in the book.

There are two reasons why this concerns me. First, it could take away from the pleasure someone gets from having these upsights themselves. In a way, these observations are a kind of spoiler. Second, we need to be careful about attributing intentions to the author. I'm reminded of what Tolkien wrote about analogies in his forward to LOTR. I should point out that the first glimmer of these concerns came to me as I was posting some spoiling attributions myself.

My modest proposal is that articles about what the book explicitly says ought to be separate from articles about the books applicability to our own cosmos. The Arbre Earth connections page would be a good place to gather links to these things. The articles about material in the book could include links to articles in the Arbre-Earth Connections branch of the wiki.

J L Stillman 13:48, 28 January 2009 (UTC)

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