Arbran time scales are apparently different from Earth time scales, as narrator Erasmus notes early on that it is not impossible to live to 130 years (and hence live through > 1 Centenarian Apert).

I'm not sure that passes the Steelyard. Might they not live longer for having 7000 further years of evolution, a healthy diet, and active minds?

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I think SGftI has a point... with current technology in the real world ages, numerous people break 110, though the oldest ever was recorded at 122 ( Hitting 130 seems reasonable for the lower tiers of mathic society, given their more advanced understanding of science.

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I do not think their apparently longer life-spans necessarily have anything to do with any difference in time scales. Erasmas makes mention of cellular reparation (or some other such term) when talking to Lio about a comment made by Fraa Jad while at the Bazian monastery. This would likely explain the unnatural life-span of centenarians/millenarians.

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Are there any rumblings deep below below on whether there is any likelihood of this? It seems an obvious one.